If you only remember one thing

Not many of you will have heard but Student Job Search (SJS) is on the move in more ways than one.

First, they are closing their university based offices to consolidate their web based service. Second, they are starting to leverage their customer base with the first example being to incentivise student to complete online surveys through Colmar Brunton. Seems SJS have heard that their customers prefer to interact via the web or phone and also are realising the value of their customer base

One can foresee other opportunities where they can help other companies and organisations to connect with students e.g. banks, STA travel, letting services.

SJS has always been a great service for students and employers alike but now it’s starting to wake up and better serve its target market. If ever there was an opportunity to shake up an organisation it’s here.

The web sites of more traditional employment services show how to provide a service for employment seekers. Add on some smarts for the employer and you’ve got a system to get students into work quickly, easily and cheaply.

SJS are luckier than most. Their go to market strategy can be easily tweaked to improve all round performance and, no doubt, cost. The airlines have done the same with self check in. Technology has enabled the slow and frustrating wait in line check in to be abandoned for a quicker self serve check in that lets the customer feel in control.

Similarly, a few months back Air New Zealand started to promote a taxi booking service via their web site. This is another logical extension to their service of helping customers reach their destination.

So what services or channels can you close down or adapt to better serve your customer? What information do you have that could enhance your value proposition?

For example, would customers of a flower shop appreciate being sent a reminder email a few days before those special occasions that can’t afford to be forgotten? Even if customers didn’t always buy flowers it would keep the flower outlet front of mind and provide an easy link for the customer to pass on to others.

What about Fatso, who know what movies customers watch and their preferred genre offering to sell DVDs (either used or new). Wouldn’t that be logical?

Go 2 Market principle: use the information you have about your customers to better serve them. Even if that means linking up with others in the value chain to create a fuller value proposition.

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