Got that lovin’ feeling?

When someone acknowledges you in a genuine way you feel positive towards them. Conversely when you are not acknowledged or it is done in a way that is insincere the lasting impression is negative.

I’m sure it relates to the culture of the organisation and those leading it. Acknowledging customers by greeting them, thanking them, and most importantly giving them what they want will lead to profitability. Chances are customers will tell others of your product/business, internal and external stakeholders will enjoy working for and with you, and a hurricane of success is created.

In a very simple way marketing is all about acknowledging the customer. Giving customers what they want is much more than just satisfying the demand. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs demonstrates there’s more to us humans than mere transactions.

Here’s an example of how I didn’t feel valued. Recently I needed to organise a quote on some renovations at our house. I left a message with the company for the sales person to call back on our landline. He left a message to call him back on his mobile and for a few reasons I didn’t contact him. I called his company again a fortnight later and left another message for the sales person to contact me. Once again he left a message on our home line. So I should have left my mobile number or called his mobile but I was expecting a little more appreciation for my interest in contacting him.

Here’s a test to make you think about the acknowledgement you show to your customers. Which of these acknowledges the customer?

  • Making customers undertake extra steps to perform tasks because your systems or strategy take control away from them?
  • Having front of house staff warmly greet customers when the enter your business?
  • As a consultant adding a small chocolate bar to your invoice?
  • Recognising repeat business?
  • Selling the same product at different prices through different channels?
  • Undertaking usability testing on your website?
  • Making it difficult for customers to query or return products?

Go 2 Market principle: acknowledge your customers and they will acknowledge you.

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