Social media isn’t for me

Social media may not be your cup of tea personally, but if you’re advertising and your customers are social media users I’d suggest it should be.

Most companies are using social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. For example, Starbucks has created this low tech but warm fuzzy music video on YouTube. Air New Zealand has made a series of interesting safety videos and posts them on YouTube to generate awareness and brand preference.

If you’re a small company you may be wondering what content to pass on. That’s relatively easy; it’s what’s of interest to your customers, or ‘followers’ as they’re called. For example a local deli is using Facebook to tell their followers that they have just taken a batch of muffins out of the oven, or a new food item is now in store.

What else might be of interest to your customers? A good way to find out is to use social media to ask them. For example, ask what would they like to see on special this week or for your birthday? Or would they be interested in a product line extension e.g. delivery service?

Of course your followers will also be posting their questions or concerns. These need to be addressed, as you would if they had contacted you not using social media. The themes of these posts/tweets can be passed on to other followers e.g. the hours you’ll be open over the forthcoming holiday; or what you are doing about resuming supply of a big selling item.

You’ll have something to tell your followers e.g. for florists the process of how the flower market works or for butchers the different cuts of meat; post about your sponsorships; new staff members; new products; awards; media stories; why you stopped stocking a slow moving line; a complementary business; how you’re looking forward to …..

The best way is to start. There’s a heap of advice about how to start using social media including this post about purpose, plan and post. Additionally, here are three essential things:

  • The need to be consistent with your brand
  • It’s about creating a relationship, not one way advertising
  • You’ve got to make a commitment to doing it.

To recap find out what your customers want and pass on relevant information to engage with them.

Go 2 Market principle: if your customers are using social media, get into it. You can make it a very cost effective way to communicate with your customers.

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6 thoughts on “Social media isn’t for me

  1. markdisomma says:

    “If your customers are using social media, get into it …” Agreed. But the converse doesn’t apply. Just because you use social media, you will not necessarily get customers. As you say, it depends whether they are into social media or not. It’s surprising though how many brands think/hope social media will be a panacea.

  2. Rosemary says:

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