Yes really, free publicity

Anyone can do it and while there’s no free lunch there’s a good possibility you can get some good free publicity.

I believe anyone can create their own PR. And as the business owner/product manager who is better placed than you. You’re the one who probably knows your product or service best, and are the most passionate about its success.

Media (magazines, radio, newspapers or TV) are not likely to be interested just because you have a new product/service. They are looking for something ‘newsworthy’. This type of publicity is limited to Apple products, products/services with something revolutionary about them, or products/services with a particular angle.

What’s your angle? Ask yourself, what is going to make the media organisation believe that this story is of interest to their readers/viewers?

Determining the media that’s the most relevant to your target market helps you to focus your story. It’s possible that you will create different angles for different media depending on their target audience. In summary, focus on the media that’s right for your target market, and then focus on the angle that’s right for each media.

Of course, you should use also your own media e.g Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. Your customers will expect to see your stories here.

Here are some ideas on how to get some publicity:

  • Oldest/youngest customer using your product/service
  • How your product was used in an innovative way to achieve something noteworthy
  • Hold an open day for people looking for work experience
  • Do you make some unusual deliveries e.g through windows of high buildings, by helicopter, to a very unusual place
  • Promote how your product/service benefits the local community
  • Invite a local celebrity to your business to sign/speak/meet/demonstrate
  • Do something unusual with your physical presence e.g use highly visible or popular paint colours, wear costumes that relate to something e.g the All Blacks, Halloween, olden times.

One of the best ways to get the interest of those who you are pitching the story to is by having an interesting image. Spend time thinking about getting an image that makes people want to know more.

Finally, when you have got the angle and image based on the target market get on the phone. Don’t just send an email called ‘media release’. Media people will be more likely to take your story if you talk to them. They may even suggest an angle that they believe would be most suitable.

Go 2 Market principle: achieving free publicity is possible, but like anything it takes focus and the right approach.

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