15 easy ways to get out of a rut

It’s easy for the days to start to blend into one another. Before we know it, the week’s gone, then the month and then the year!

Part of the challenge to overcoming this feeling of being on a conveyer belt is to have a vision, goals along the way, and celebrations that recognise achievements. Alongside this, and to aid achievement, I’d suggest starting to take a different perspective.

We can all benefit from looking at things a different way. Get your left brain engaged. Here are some suggestions to enable that to happen:

  • Take up a new sport/hobby e.g. bridge, cooking, bike riding, walking, Toastmasters
  • Go to work a different way or get off the bus/train before your normal stop
  • Have lunch with other people in the organisation
  • Invite some senior university students to have lunch with you and some of your team
  • Have a picnic lunch at the park and play a few games while there
  • Mix up your team by age, gender, ethnicity
  • Buy a magazine you’ve never read before
  • Go to an event you’ve never been to before
  • Invite a senior manager from a non-competing company to come and talk to your staff about something they’ve achieved
  • Organise a fancy dress day for staff
  • Have a walking meeting
  • Sit people in a different place
  • Buy some clothing that is a bit ‘out there’
  • Sit with customer services for half day a week
  • Change your routine when you come into work in the morning.

There’s dozens of ways to break the shackles of the normality of the day. Starting first thing in the morning, all the way through to how you might sleep at night. My 15 ideas could be expanded ten fold. Have a go!

Go 2 Market principle: be inspired by taking a different perspective. You’ll find that it not only inspires you but others too.

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