Increase your productivity to rival Santa’s

Recently I contacted two joiners. One seems to run his business very efficiently using, among other things, a website, mobile and email. Then I contacted a joiner who has a mobile but no email or even computer. Apparently his wife runs the back office and she “deals with all this”. His very detailed quote was hand written, posted and any client changes had to be mailed or faxed back.

A friend of mine is running a business where he needs to quote based on a building’s exterior. He provides quotes for business or residential, and pretty much across New Zealand. Customers don’t expect to have to wait too long for a quote either.

For him to go to each site and provide a measure and quote would take a lot of time and be very costly. So for years he has been using Google Maps. Within a few minutes he can see the height, shape, accessibility, and estimate the area of the building. Sure beats going to the site which would take him away from spending time working on the business.

That’s not to say my friend isn’t out and about. He very much is and while doing so he’s running his business from the cloud. He runs his office and field staff from anywhere in the country. It’s a brilliant way to run a business.

Undoubtedly each business is different and no solution is going to be the same for everyone. The thing is knowing what you’re best at and also the best options to run your business. Then you can consider the solutions available including getting your back office or an external party to do the work.  Alternatively be more involved yourself. You might want to consider asking someone like Oxwich Consulting to advise you.

Maybe, you too have come across people at either end of the technology spectrum. Just because they don’t make full use of technology doesn’t mean they are inept. It might just mean no one has yet produced a product that’s right for them.

Get Classie has just released new software that is designed to help manage dance schools. Sure beats doing it with paper and pencil!

So think about how you can use technology to improve your productivity to rival the man in the North Pole.

Go 2 Market principle: technology adds value to your business. It may not be you that uses it but life can sure be a lot sweeter with utilising what’s available.


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